What electrical testing means to you the client?

Following initial verification of a new installation or changes to an existing installation, an Electrical Installation certificate, together with a schedule of inspections and a schedule of test results, is required to be given to the person ordering the work. Every alteration or addition to an existing installation must comply with the regulations and must not impair the safety of the existing installation.


Landlords and Tenants

A landlord is required to provide a tenant with an electrical installation in good condition and repair. They should also maintain the installation and ensure any works are undertaken by a competent person.

EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report

Electrical Installation Condition Reports and testing are necessary because all electrical installations deteriorate over time due to a number of factors such as damage, wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical overloading and ageing etc. Therefore an Electrical Installation Condition Report will highlight potential faults or concerns and areas of the installation that require further investigation or remedial work. For landlords it is recommended that they have a EICR every 5 years.

It is the duty of a landlord to ensure that the rented property is fit for its purpose this includes the electrical wiring. If an electrical problem should occur without a valid EICR, you the landlord could be liable.

Recommended timescale EICR’s

  • Domestic 10 years
  • Rented Property 5 years
  • Commercial property 5 years
  • Industrial 3 years.

Our electricians hold City and Guilds 2391 electrical testing qualification and are also fully experienced in testing commercial and industrial installations.